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Join us for the 5th Annual State of the Lake, sponsored

by Preserving Lake Greenwood. Click here to more info.

September 19 - 7:00pm - American Legion Post 20

Greenwood County Lake Management Department

Souls Harbor

600 Monument Street   
Ste 19

Greenwood, SC 29646
Telephone: 864-942-8560            
Fax: 864-942-3141      

      Between 1935 and 1940, Lake Greenwood was created with the construction of Buzzard’s Roost Dam. Lake Management was initially undertaken by the Greenwood County Electric Power Commission. Duke Power leased the lake operations from Greenwood County. However, due to increased Federal License requirements there was a need to create a Lake Management Department. Created in 2006, the Lake Management Department is responsible for issuing permits for encroachments on Lake Greenwood, registration of encroachments, camping reservations on Goat Island, lake upkeep, larvicide applications and herbicide applications, Greenwood County public lake access areas, assisting in complying with the FERC license, administering shoreline management, and inspection of lake encroachments.

Lake Manager

Julie Davis, (864) 943-2648


Jan Figueira, (864) 942-8560 

Lake Inspector

Chris Myers, (864) 942-5675

Lake Specialists

Shannon Williams, (864) 942-8560

Stephen Creswell, (864) 942-8560


Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the Rule Curve?

Answer: The Rule Curve is a Federally mandated guide for water levels in Lake Greenwood. The Rule Curve stipulates where the lake level should be during the year. See the links on the side for a copy of the Rule Curve.

What are the fishing regulations for Lake Greenwood?

Answer: SC Department of Natural Resources has regulations concerning fishing and wildlife. Additional, SC DNR has fish attractors on Lake Greenwood for fishermen. Please visit SC DNR's website for information regarding fishing and wildlife regulations.

What is an encroachment?
Answer: An encroachment is anything which extends from lake front property into the lake bed onto County property. Examples are piers, docks, boat ramps, retaining walls and similar items.

Is there a fee for an encroachment?

Answer:Yes, there is an annual fee for docks on Lake Greenwood. Currently, the fee is due by September 1.

Is burning leaves and/or trash allowed when the lake is down?

Answer: No, burning is not allowed within the bed of the lake on Greenwood County property. Along with this, please do not dump leaves, debris, vegetation into the lake. 

How does Greenwood County have the right to require permits and registrations for Laurens and Newberry County lake property?
Answer: Greenwood County owns the lake and regulates encroachments around the entire lake. Greenwood County’s lake regulations do not affect how you use your property. However, when you enter the lake bed, you are no longer on your property. Greenwood County is no different than any other property owner.

Why might a lakefront property owner be denied a permit for an encroachment?
Answer: The main reasons for permit denial might be due to property line issues or protected habitat areas. However, other circumstances might cause a delay in permits. Surveys may be required for certain issues.

Can anyone work on encroachments within the Lake?
Answer: Registered lakefront property owners who have a current permit and work placard for a specific activity can perform the work as set forth by their permit. Third parties, such as commercial contractors, must have a separate authorization to work within Lake Greenwood. This authorization is obtained by registering and entering into an agreement with the Greenwood County Lake Management.








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